Our Trusted Consultants

Rositch Hemphill Architects

Considered to be one of Vancouver’s Top Architectural Firms, RHA is committed to creating successful, sustainable, and smart building designs. In the past two decades the firm has designed in excess of 20,000 housing units and have proven themselves to be leaders in the architectural industry. Their wealth of knowledge and passion for design is showcased in their extensive portfolio of intelligent, innovative and attractive multi-residential projects.

Ventana Construction Corporation

With over 26 years of experience in the construction industry, Ventana Construction Corporation has a proven track record of delivering comprehensive construction services and high-quality, custom buildings to their clients in the Greater Vancouver area. Ventana has considerable expertise in concrete construction, specializing in multi-unit residential, commercial, light industrial, retail and recreational construction projects. They have built their name by implementing the highest standards of building quality into each and every project.


MillerWark is an innovative and energetic full service Real Estate Team with more than a decade of experience in development and real estate in the Greater Vancouver Region. Vanessa and Sharlene continue to exceed expectations by providing a service that goes well beyond the standard level provided in the Real Estate industry. Their comprehensive knowledge and intimate attention to detail are second to none and vital in ensuring a professional, stress-free experience.

Port + Quarter

Port + Quarter is a boutique interior design firm with strong roots in Vancouver. Their youthful team is full of curious and creative people who bring varied backgrounds and distinctive viewpoints to their work. Michelle and Kyla approach each new project with fresh eyes and open minds, firmly believing that good design comes not from knowing the answers but rather asking the right questions. As a result, their interiors are far from formulaic, definitely not generic, and certainly never boring.