Warranty & Service

When you invest in home from Springbank Properties, you are buying peace of mind.
Be confident in your purchase and remember that our commitment to you is to deliver a quality home, built to the highest standards. You are buying from a developer with over 2 decades of experience and we will always stand behind our work.

All Springbank homes are covered by WBI Home Warranty and backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Take comfort in knowing that your home is protected by the following warranties:

  • 12 months material and labour coverage for all defects
  • 24 months material and labour coverage for gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning defects
  • 24 months delivery and distribution systems coverage
  • 5 years building envelope repair coverage
  • 10 years structural defect coverage

Prior to move in, each of our purchasers will receive a one-on-one walk through of their new home with our customer service representative. During this walk through they will be presented with a homeowner’s manual designed to smooth the transition into their new home. This will include all manuals and warranties associated with major appliances as well as a complete description of our warranty policies.

If at any time our customers are not satisfied with the level of service they are experiencing, they are encouraged to go directly to the top and contact John Ritchie at (604) 687-2603.

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