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Novella | The Final Stretch

Chapter 6

Interior finishing is always an exciting stage in the construction process. It’s that moment when everything comes together; a time to put aside the floor plans and paint swatches to truly appreciate the tangible results.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all candy canes and Christmas trees…this is a time where minor snags and glitches become known and the troubleshooting really begins. Between cabinets, counters, backslash, tile, lighting, painting, doors – well, you get the picture – any number of things could go wrong. The amount of coordination required to ensure a smooth and timely transition is no easy task. Luckily for us, our construction team is excellent at what they do and the suites at Novella are coming along beautifully.

With drywall in place, sanded and smooth, the suites are ready for a base coat and paint. The first few coats are done by way of a spray gun but the final wall paint (SW – Toque White, a very light warm grey) will be done by hand to guarantee clean lines. Interior doors are also painted on-site at this time.

Cabinetry is up next and I have to say that both the Memoir and Legend colour schemes look fantastic! Cabinets come pre-assembled and are installed from the lower levels up to ensure a timely install. Mechanical (think: sink drains, gas connections) can begin once the cabinets are in.

With plumbing connections in place, it’s time for countertops. Sleek white quartz completes the look with plumbing and electrical fixtures (including the bold chef-style kitchen faucet and dainty glass flute pendants) following suit. The breakfast bars are looking quite inviting if I do say so myself.

With soaker tubs and shower bases installed, textured porcelain tile is hand set with mortar and grouted on the bathroom walls and floors. Sleek frameless glass enclosures are installed in homes that feature walk-in showers, and large format glass tile backsplash can be seen going into kitchens once the countertop install is complete.

Carpet and laminate are one of the final tasks to tackle. This is done to minimize the possibility of damage during the final stages of construction (not that I’m at all concerned about the Novella laminate – it gets an A+ for durability in my books.) Once in, the floors will be covered with a protective membrane and the last remaining tasks (millwork, window coverings and appliances to name a few) will get underway.

I’m always quite impressed at how quickly these final stages comes together. Before you know it the holidays will have past, the snow will be gone and the building will be complete! Until then, I leave you with a wintery vista taken from one of our penthouse suites and wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.



Katelyn Hollenbeck

Katelyn is the Development Manager at Springbank Properties. With degrees in finance and economics under her belt, she made the move out west in search of clearer waters, bigger mountains and to pursue her passion for real estate. She is an avid mountain biker, fervent foody and oversees all things related to this novella.