Giving Back

At Springbank we believe that healthy, well-educated children are the key to our future. From supporting schools in local communities to providing funding for medical research, we are passionate about giving back to children and helping them live the life that they deserve.


Mountain View Elementary School, Coquitlam

Mountain View Elementary is in a neighbourhood where several of our most recent development projects have been built and we are proud to continue to invest in the West Coquitlam area by donating to this school. Last year we provided funding for the renewal of their Science Equipment, while this year we fulfilled their wish list of instrument upgrades for their music department. For the past three years we have donated funds to cover 100% of the cost of the school’s breakfast program, contributed 40% of the required supplement for their lunch program and set up a fund that will allow school administrators to react to specific needs of individual students whether it is a pair of glasses, a coat, a pair of boots or the opportunity to go on a field trip that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

In addition to the contributions above, we will be donating 100% of the interest earned on purchaser deposits from Novella to provide ongoing support for this school. The intial grant from these funds has been made, allowing the school to update their technology and enable them to provide more interactive and responsive reporting to parents as well as offering children with access to technology at home a chance to stay current.


First Steps, North Korea

First Steps is a Vancouver-based organization whose primary purpose is preventing child malnutrition in North Korea through programs that provide essential nutrients to adolescents. We have been supporting this organization since its inception by providing funding for equipment and direct food programs and have recently doubled our contributions to this cause.


El Sargento Scholarship Program, Mexico

Each year we provide funding for one new student to enter high school in southern Baja California, Mexico and commit to funding them through high school.  The Mexican school system is free until a student has completed grade 9 and after that they must pay for continuing education.  High School is a three year program and we now have one scholarship student in each grade.

El Sargento is a small fishing village and those who grow up there have little opportunity for advancement.  Men fish, women stay home and take care of the children.  Women have little economic freedom.  While there has been some development in the area with a few small beach front hotels opening up, available jobs are still only in the service sector and are the lowest paid positions.  We believe that by educating the locals they will be better positioned to benefit from economic growth in their community.